Difference – Eat, Do, Go, Make

I’m joining Amanda at A Permanent Flux blogging about things we did different this month – you can check out Amanda’s original post here.

1. Eat Something Different

  • Heidi tried fruit cups (fruit in juice) and enjoyed them!
  • Heidi has also progressed from eating carrot whole to trying it grated on her cheese, cheese, sour cream and cheese wrap :D
  • I was even able to make her a Bento style lunch with grated carrot touching the rice, and there was no complaint :: faints in shock :: Although she did not like the Kewpie Mayo at all.

2. Do Something Different

  • Heidi had her very first sleepover at a friends house.
  • We slept in a tent, at the zoo!
  • Annie had her school sleepover and got stitches (I’d rather we don’t try that last again).

3. Go Somewhere Different

  • We’ve been to the MSO which was wonderful.
  • I also pushed my girls well outside their comfort zones and took them to the Sandown Leisurefest. It was a great success, although my dreams of purchasing a caravan were kind of shattered.  Husband just didn’t feel comfortable in any of them, perhaps it was his height causing him to feel claustrophobic… or the shower toilet room.
The girls had a great time and both coped amazingly well with the crowds for the couple of hours we were there. I’m so proud of them.

4. Make a Difference

  • The girls agreed to give away some of their boardgames and puzzles to school – almost brand new, games with all the pieces there and only played a couple of times before they lost interest.
  • We donated more towels and old blankets to the cat protection society.
I’m looking forward to seeing what others have done different this month, head on over to Amanda’s to check it out with me.



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