Green Magic Cookies – Perfectly Imperfect

I’m joining Kate from Picklebums in celebrating being Perfectly Imperfect.

Early Tuesday morning, and I mean early, Annie woke me around 4am with a wet bed, I blame karma for this because I’d commented on Amanda’s post the day before… where was I going with this thought???

Oh yes, early Tuesday morning, I was greeted by an email that I had sent to myself, around midnight that night (anyone else here sleep email themselves?) The subject line was “green magic cookies” and the body of the email was empty… this left me to ponder what my sleeping self found so important about green magic cookies, or if perhaps auto-correct had helpfully decided to assist with my sleep emailing – don’t laugh its been known to happen.

Several cups of coffee later I had a light bulb moment, helped along by picking up Heidi’s ‘Magic Words’ folder to put in her school bag. Heidi is currently learning her Green Words and has been struggling a little, sleeping me had woken briefly when husband came to bed and thought ..

“How about making cookies in the shape of letters and decorating them with green icing and writing her magic words with the letters”

This seemed like a brilliant idea to now awake me – not only was it literacy, but it was fun and the combination of tactile, tasty, hopefully yummy smelling cookies may help her remember the words that she was struggling with on the page.

Annie was full of woe (woe, woe, woe your boat – thank you Mumstrosity) about being required to wear both socks AND shoes to school, so I asked her to get the cookie making ingredients out of the fridge whilst I had a shower, seemed a good distraction plan.

Once clean again I venture out of my bedroom, only to find the corridor covered in flour, it seems Heidi decided to ‘make snow’ oh joy.

Finally mess cleaned up, children at school, I decided to make the darn cookies, while I was making pasta bake for hubby’s work lunches and mainlining vitamin C to fight off a head cold.

Things went really well to start with…


I chilled the cut out cookie dough to help stop it spreading in the oven – I really wanted my letters to keep their shape… which they did. Unfortunately I had not factored in how crumbly the finished cookies would be, thinking the dough was too crumbly I had added more butter which was a mistake.

We had a cookie survival rate of about 50% as I transferred them from cookie tray to cooling racks.


Thankfully they were still yummy, and the girls enjoyed them for afternoon tea (sans icing as I don’t think they would have surived more handling).

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