Hakuna Matata! Ain’t no passing craze… and a huge Lion King 3D Giveaway

Just like The Lion King is no passing craze, it is a beautiful movie, with fabulous music (unlike so many musicals made for children where repeated playing of the songs starts to grate, Barbie I’m looking at you).

When I saw a preview for The Lion King in 3D a few months ago I was so excited, not only would I get the opportunity to re-live the joys of The Lion King on the big screen, but I could share it with my girls.

Then along came an invitation from Mandy at Porter Novelli for the most amazing blogger experience ever, a trip to the city to see The Lion King 3D in the luxury of the Directors Suite at Melbourne Central Cinemas, followed by a Roar N Snore sleepover at the Melbourne Zoo. I was so thrilled to be included in this event, my Dad even flew down from QLD to accompany us to the movies and the zoo sleepover as I was a little (very) apprehensive about going on my own with them.

Thank goodness for Dad, as his being there meant I could relax and enjoy the whole experience, knowing he had one child in control and I could watch the other.

While we waited for the movie to start the girls and I got our faces painted – ROAR! – and enjoyed colouring in and playing a Lion King computer game. Then it was popcorn and drinks all round and into our big comfy reclining chairs to enjoy the movie.

Annie and Heidi both loved it. There are dark moments in The Lion King but I think it is a great way for children to experience some of lifes harsher realities, whilst in a safe environment with the love and support of people who care about them and can answer their questions.

It is a mark of how good The Lion King is that Heidi was captivated by most of it, sure she did her usual running around but the movie kept stopping her in her tracks, so the running was much shorter lived than normal.

Annie walked out of the movie telling me “anxiety medication should be called Hakuna Matata, bcos it takes away your worries.” Which I hope means it is working.

Afterwards it was on to the zoo for an amazing night tour and sleepover, pictures of which I will post tomorrow. For more recaps please visit Joni, Nicole, Kate, Toushka, Amanda and Shae.

I want to thank Porter Novelli and Disney for this most amazing experience and special thank-you shout out to the lovely photographer who was so great with Heidi, even letting her use his camera to snap some photos of her own.

The Lion King is available on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD 12 October – check it out.

The lovely folk at Porter Novelli have put together a fabulous Lion King 3D prize pack for one lucky reader…


Lion King Puzzle 48 piece


Lion King Plush 16cm


Lion King Shaped Board Book


Lion King Mini Collection Activity & Storybook


Lion King CD Read Along Book


Lion King Book and CD


Lion King Soundtrack CD


Lion King Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD





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