The Mickey Mouse Invitation

We are having a small get together on Sunday with some of Heidi’s friends from Pre-Prep last year.

The party has a Mickey Mouse theme and I stayed up late one evening googling and designing Mickey Mouse invitations, I didn’t show the girls the next morning because I wanted to have the invitations all finished first, that afternoon Annie came home from school with a Mickey Mouse invitation she and her friends had designed in class.


I was really impressed with the text inside and the idea for a hot dog party as I had been pondering what sort of food to make.


How awesome is that! Annie and her friends worked together to design the picture on the front and her teacher helped them brainstorm the text for the inside.

Now I spent so much time the night before making up my invitation that I decided to go ahead and finish it off and write the tutorial, even though I think Annie’s invitation is so much more awesome…. you may notice I decided to use her text in my invitation.

Step 1.  we’re going to have lots of fun

Click here to download a editable MS Word copy of the Mickey Mouse Party Invitation Template

Click here to download .pdf of the Mickey Mouse Party Invitation Template.

Step 2.

Print out your templates on white printer paper and cut them out.


Step 3.

Trace templates onto cardboard – I used scrapbooking cardboard purchased in a bulk pack from K-Mart many years ago. The mouse head shape goes onto black cardboard. The circle with a line through it gets cut in half and used on red cardboard.



Step Four.

Fill in the invitation text circle and paste it onto the Mickey Mouse head shape.

Step Five.

Glue the red half circles together – make sure you only glue the circle sides and leave the straight edge unglued so you can slip the invitation in.


Step Six.

Glue the white buttons onto the front of the red card and slide your Mickey Mouse head invitation in.


Step Seven.

Deliver your invitations.  Annie and I decided to send both the invitations we had made :-)


Mickey Mouse Fonts can be found here.

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