Autism Hero Highlights

There are so many fabulous blog posts about Autism and Aspergers that I discover each week I thought it was time to showcase them.

I’m posting on Saturdays so I can link up with the wonderful #SpecialSaturday on Twitter.

1. Three bloggers together, to address a serious issue – the frequency with which the special needs community is getting scammed through false organizations and individuals, who prey on our desire to help our children.

“The truth of the matter is this: if we don’t protect ourselves, no one else will.”

A serious issue and these bloggers have some fantastic advice to offer.

You can find Lisa, the Yuckmouth Mommy from 7 Yuckmouths and Autism on Twitter and Facebook.


2. DIY Autism therapies… how to stop payrolling the professionals

“In other words, parents in the 60s and 70s created homemade individualised programs for their kids… then it became a payroll for patent junkies… take the power back… there’s enough online training there for any family to make a start for themselves…. what, you won’t do it perfectly, exactly as a highly paid professional? so what! maybe your adaptation will fit your particular child even better!”

I think Donna makes a great point and this is a solution that could work for many families. As with all things Autism, what works for one child may not work for another but it is certainly worth investigating.

You can find Donna Williams on Twitter and Facebook.


3. The Looks

Recently, my 12-year-old Alex kept trying to scoot through an open door in the basement of our neighborhood supermarket. The store wasn’t crowded and hardly anyone noticed me hauling him back to the checkout line except a young lady working the register. I saw her looking at Alex with the small smile and direct eyes that I’ve learned mean: She knows someone with autism.

I find those moments so reassuring when you get the looks of someone else who gets it. It helps to build a buffer from the other looks, the judging looks, the hurtful looks.

You can find Stuart Duncan: Autism Father on Twitter and Facebook.


4. Turns Out, It’s a Small World After All

“No, autism is not a disease. It is not contagious. It is not even a tragedy in its higher functioning forms. But, in its severe forms, it darn sure can be life-limiting. “

I found Flappiness Is via twitter and there is so much great in this post, the honesty and openness, the joy in finding community and the sadness at ignorance.

You can find Flappiness Is on Twitter and Facebook.

5. I May Have Autism, But Autism Doesn’t Have Me

“Yes, I am a young woman with Autism, no question about that. But Autism is not everything about me, I have so many other qualities. And even though I know sometimes it can be hard, I really need people to try, try their absolute best to look beyond my Autism, set my Autistic behaviors to the side for a minute, and just take a moment to see the real me, and what I have to offer.”


You can find Autisable on Twitter and Facebook.

Have you written an Autism post this week? Feel free to link up and share your post here.


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