Psychological Evaluation for Surrogate Mothers

To become a surrogate can be very beautiful because it is a good way of assisting individuals who would like start families or become parents. Anyone who has made the decision to go down this path ought to understand the process prior to proceeding any further.

This is because every step is equally important to attain success. An important part of becoming a surrogate after making your initial decision as well as meeting with an agency is taking a psychological evaluation. This is a must-process on any surrogacy agencies, like Surrogate Parenting (, which one of the most trusted surrogacy agency. Therefore, it is a very important step and a necessary one before moving forward with the entire process as well as matching with the intended parents.

Importance of A Psychological Evaluation for Surrogate Mothers

Psychological evaluation for surrogate mothers is a crucial step in the surrogacy process as a whole because it increases the level of confidence. The purpose of this evaluation is to ensure that you are an excellent fit for both surrogates as well as the potential intended parents, which might you might be matched with.

It is important to note that not everybody may not be a surrogate or ready to become one regardless of whether they feel it is the right choice or not. This means that the psychological evaluation is meant to reassure the potential surrogate and to make them feel very confident and comfortable with the remaining processes.

It helps the potential surrogate to decide whether surrogacy is good for you. It also helps to show surrogacy agencies that they are serious with regard to the next steps.

How Psychological Evaluations for Surrogate Mothers Works

Most times the psychological evaluation follows the process of initial screening as well as the home visit. This means that it is the final step prior to proceeding to meet the intended parents. It is good practice to use the services of a psychologist that is trusted by a particular organization.

The screening test requires the potential surrogate to be very honest and display their authentic self. The evaluation generally takes about 3 to 4 hours. This tests the following two things:

  •  Personality test. The aim of this is to know the kind of person that the surrogate is.
  •  Interview.

The psychologist will then create a comprehensive report. The parents will then review the psychologist’s information and if they are prepared to move forward the psychologist will organize for a meeting between the two parties.

The information above might not be exhaustive as different agencies conduct evaluations differently, but it gives an accurate general idea as to what happens in the process.

Start the process

To become a surrogate needs dedication and time. Confidence in the process comes from having a complete understanding of every stage. This means bringing up any questions that you might be having. It is worthwhile to take your time to undergo all the important steps and this includes the psychological evaluation.


The above insightful information shows the process of psychological evaluation of surrogate mothers. It is very useful as it ensures that the surrogate’s family and the intended parents are in mutual agreement to result in a good surrogacy experience. Therefore, ensure you are proactive by undergoing this evaluation.

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