Optimizing Your Morning Routine

You’ve probably heard about “morning routines” from just about everyone, from YouTubers to professional athletes. The truth is that while they may seem pompous, they actually work. Having a set morning routine can help you to get to work on time and be less stressed when you get there. 

Your morning routine is going to vary based on what you want to do with your time and what you need to do in the morning. A mother’s morning routine is going to look much different than a single person’s – just like a professional’s morning routine will look different from a student’s. However, there are some universal steps you can take to optimize your own morning routine:

Take A Probiotic

Taking a probiotic is a good way to ensure that your mornings start off on a good note. It may seem unlikely, but probiotics help with a lot of things. For one, they can help you to feel better at night, ensuring that you get enough sleep and feel prepared for the day. Hitting that snooze button will only make your morning routine worse.

Of course, probiotics also help with digestion, which means that you will be regular. When you know what time you use the bathroom, you can better plan for your time there. IF you are the type of person who needs time, you can plan an extra 10 or 15 minutes to just sit there.

For more information about some of the best probiotic brands, see more information from BiOptimizers.com.

Put Your Phone In A Different Room

One of the best things you can do to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, you get up on time, and you don’t waste precious time exploring Twitter is to put your phone in a different room when you sleep. This will cut down on the number of disturbances you get (even if you put your phone on silent, it still lights up). It will also ensure that you get up and get to your morning routine right away. If possible, try not to look at your phone until a certain point in your morning (like when you are eating breakfast).

If you cannot keep your phone in a different room, at least put it across the room in a place where you will have to get up to get to it.


Meditation is a great thing to do if you find yourself getting stressed out in the morning. Taking even five or ten minutes to just meditate and feel your feelings will help you. You don’t need to do something too high level or spiritual. Instead, just try to focus on your thoughts and allow them to come to you. Maybe you will remember something that you would have forgotten otherwise, you’ll figure out how to tackle something big going on in your day, or you will just start with a bit more perspective.

Even if nothing comes from meditation, taking a few minutes to breathe has immense health benefits.

Eat Breakfast

The one thing you absolutely need to have in your morning routine is a spot for breakfast. Whether you drink a smoothie while you are watching the news, eat a bar before you get to the gym, or you cook a huge breakfast and eat with your family, it doesn’t matter. This is the one thing you absolutely should not cut to save time. 

Instead, think about what fits into your morning routine. Not everyone can make a huge breakfast, but we can all blend smoothies that we’ve premade and kept in the freezer. Or you can make overnight oats and grab them. If not, think about buying yogurts or something you can eat quickly.

Set A Schedule – And Keep It

If you set a schedule, it is going to take you a few days to get used to it. In fact, it could take a few weeks if you tinker with it and determine what the perfect morning routine is for you. Just stick with it, even if it is hard at times. A morning routine isn’t meant to be something that you fall into easily, it is something that ensures you have the best start to your day. Do not give up.

If something isn’t working, you can change it. Maybe you want to move something to the nighttime or you want to cut something altogether – maybe you had every intention to gratitude journal in the morning and it just doesn’t work for you. That is fine! Feel free to eliminate what just isn’t working for you.

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