This is our Home and We Live Here

I recently posted a picture to instagram of Heidi’s bedroom – see picture above.

Lovely sparkly clean bedroom, I had just spent hours cleaning and tidying it. The bed is flat on the floor for the same reason I removed the couch legs on the day I took the photo – because if stuff is not flat to the floor then things get underneath it, apple cores, half eaten pizza slices. :: shudder :: it is scary. All attempts to teach children not to eat in their bedrooms are undermined by husband sending them to their rooms with ipad and food to gain himself some precious quiet time. Honestly sanity wins at this point so I let it go.

I always feel so inadquate when I see pictures of others homes, so clean, tidy and not what my house looks like most of the time.

So here is my home, the home we live in, I walked around and snapped the pictures without changing anything in the rooms (except for opening curtains to get better light for photography), then I came here and posted the pictures.

The playroom, toys everywhere and a evaporative cooler / fan that we are still figuring out where to store over winter:


The playroom from another angle – Annie folds the washing on weekends, not without a fight. Sometimes she folds a basket during the school week, but not often. Box of stuff on the printer I need to photograph and blog about:


Recycling Bin, a battle of wills between husband and myself, he empties it on weekends. It drives me batty when it gets overflowing but it is his job to empty it so I refuse to do so, even though I’m the one bugged by the overflow:


Kitchen, this area is pretty tidy for me, I can’t cook in a messy kitchen and food hygiene is important. Dishwasher sitting open because it had finished the washing cycle and I turn it off and open the door to air dry the dishes, in theory saving electricity. It has been sitting there open since last night, awaiting someone to unpack.


Shelves in the loungeroom – I had to move my cross stitch stuff to keep it safe from the cat, about a week ago, and have as yet to figure out a more permanent location. It will likely stay there for a few months before finding a permanent home:


Kitty tower!


Foyer, single most busy room in our house, it opens to lounge, kitchen and corridor to bedrooms, as well as the front door. Ideally it would be tidy welcoming entrance to our home. Currently it has the collection of things for Annie’s birthday party, school bags, outside toys, shoes on the floor because there is stuff on the shoe box, including mothers day donations for school and a broken guitar I don’t know what to do with:


My room, clothes hanging on the treadmill – note I did use the treadmill yesterday, it is currently more than a clothes horse, unmade bed that I had just gotten out of to take photos:


Annie’s room, floordrobe, books on every surface, 6 pillows in the likely to stay unmade all day bed:


And finally the room that started it all, Heidi’s room, no longer as pristine as it once was:


That is our home that we live in.

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